• When ​ class is cancelled what happens to my money?

    In the case of a cancellation, the teacher can issue a 'Class Pass' to the next class they host. If you cannot make it to the next session and require your money back please contact event host who will process a refund.

  • How to cancel a class?

    To cancel your class go to Global Pay locate the class you want to cancel. Click the icon at the top right and close the event which will finalise the class. You can message all attendees to see if they are happy to use their ticket for your next class if not please contact us so we can issue your customer a refund: info@danceglobal.tv

  • Don't want to attend a class anymore? How do I cancel?

    All payments are final unless the Event Host chooses to process a refund or transfers your payment to their next class. Please contact Event Hosts for more information.

  • Getting paid?

    Payments are made to your chosen bank account 3 days after your event. Visit our pricing page for more info

  • How to request a refund​?

    To request a refund contact the event host from their profile page. Refunds are at the discretion of each host. If you are not happy with this decision you can contact us directly using our contact page or info@danceglobal.tv

  • Understand ​ our fees

    Dance Global's fee: 3.4% (of ticket price) + 0.25p Example: Ticket Price = £7 DG fee = £7 + 3.4% + 0.25p = £7.49p The buyer's total expense will be £7.49 This is the final price requested to be paid by the buyer. Events and Workshops Ticket Sales Fee: Dance Global's fee: 4.4% (of ticket price) + 0.65p Example: Ticket Price = £10 DG fee = £10 + 4.4% + 0.65p = £1.09p The buyer's total expense will be £11.09 This is the final price requested to be paid by the buyer. In the case the buyer wants to buy several tickets we will cap our Dance Global's Fee at £6.54. Click pricing page to find out more.

  • Reset password

    If you forgot your password and/or cannot log in. Please tap 'Forgot your password?' On Apple (IOS) and Android. You will receive an email with all the instructions to reset your password.

    Alternatively contact our team.

  • Can I create classes

    Everyone can create a Class/Event/Workshop. Set up your profile and start advertising your event in no time.

  • Report a class

    Please contact us: Info@danceglobal.tv to provide all feedback for any classes, workshops or events on our service.

  • No more spaces left ­ can I pay on door

    Please contact the event host for more informations about payments at the door. You can contact the seller via their Dance Global profile.

  • Confirmation number not matching

    Please Contact us: info@danceglobal.tv A member of our team will help you fix the issue.

  • How to create

    To create a CEW on Apple IOS: Tap 'Classes' 'Event' or 'Workshop' and tap the ' ​ + ' ​ icon top left. Enter all your event details and confirm. Your event is now live on our system.

    Android: Tapp 'CEW' from your profile page. Tapp 'Create Button' in the top right. Enter all your event details and confirm. Your event is now live on our system.

    Web: Log in to our website www.danceglobal.tv Click 'Create' from the home page. Enter all your event details and confirm. Your event is now live on our system.

  • Is my device supported

    Dance Global TV is supported on Apple, Android Smartphones and web: www.danceglobal.tv

  • inappropriate content

    Please feel free to report any material that is disturbing, improper and/or not following our Dance Global guidelines. Our team will make sure to have the content verified and banned if necessary.

  • Won't accept my payment

    Please contact your card issuer alternatively try to make the payment with a different card.

  • Got in too late

    Consequences of lateness are at the discretion of the the event host. Please contact the host in advance to ensure a mutual agreement.

  • App does not load

    Please make sure that your Internet Roaming is on and/or in an Internet covered area. Alternatively please use a Wi­Fi connection.

  • Fraud Account

    To report a fraudulent account please contact our team info@danceglobal.tv Our team will get the account verified and banned if necessary.

  • Took to much money from my account

    Please contact us so we can look into your transactions and process a refund if necessary.

  • Class was to busy

    We want to make sure our host offer the best experience to our users. If you are unhappy about a Class, Event or Workshop please do share it with us. We will do our best to provide a solution.